FILL YOUR OWN nursing pillow kits are now available for shipping to Australia and around New Zealand

Fill your own breast feeding pillow kits

Its no secret that breastfeeding pillows are big,  after alI, they need to support not only your body but your babies as well, and even though the BABYBABY pillow itself is feather light, the size can make them pricey to ship around the country and especially send overseas.

So that was our "light bulb" moment how can we get this amazing product to more mums, without the cost of shipping getting in the way of them having one of the best nursing pillows on the market?? I'll tell you how, we created the very first "fill your own" breastfeeding pillow kit, we provide the pillow and all you need to do is provide the fill, it's a match made in heaven and innovation at its finest!

Kits we offer

Build your kit

Can't decide if you want firm and supportive, or relaxed and pliable, then this option could be just what you need, this kit comes with both of our liners ready to be filled with your choice of quality fill, emphases on the quality!


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