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Welcome to the instruction lounge

Breastfeeding takes practice, and getting the right latch doesn't always come easily, so having the right style nursing pillow can help more than you know.

Did you know to get the right latch your babies nose needs to be in line with your nipple? Which means, if your babies not kept in a good raised position you'll end up leaning forward to meet them and because of this often mothers end up with sore backs and even poor posture from breastfeeding without the correct support.

In the instruction lounge we have put together information on each of our specially designed nursing pillows, which we hope will make it easier for you to find that perfect pillow!


The BabyBaby is such an amazing nursing aid, it's unique "U" shape design allows the pillow to mould to you and your baby, the height of the pillow keeps them in the correct position and reduces back strain by keeping you in a comfortable upright position.

The large surface area of the pillow distributes your babies body weight evenly allowing you to feed them for longer lengths of time.

Another purpose of the unique "U" shape is to enable you to nurse in multiple positions, you can easily change your baby from cradle hold to football hold by pulling the pillow around so that the "U" is sitting over your hip, which allows your baby to use the full length of the pillow without having to lift them.

Some key features

  • Suits average height mothers and is second to none if you are taller than the rest
  • One of the best pillow options for mothers who are expecting or recovering from Cesareans.
  • Larger surface size than other pillows on the market, meaning you will be able to feed your baby for a much longer than the other smaller feeding supports will allow.
  • Designed to be used as a twin feeding pillow as well, giving you the support you need without the bulk.

This nursing pillow will suit most mothers with an average body size but could be slightly too bulky if you have a petite frame or are a little shorter than most.

If you are hoping to breastfeed using a purpose brought chair or if your a mum with curvaceous curves then the Koru Embrace range is possibly the one for you.

Larger surface area

Can be used for much longer than the other smaller feeding supports will allow.

"U" Shape

The unique "U" shape allows the pillow to mould to your body

Height Ajustable

The BabyBaby is the only height adjustable nursing pillow made in New Zealand, the specially designed inner allows you to add or remove the fill, to give you complete control of height and firmness.

Hand printed fabrics

I love fabric, which is why i've designed and hand screen printed a range which is completely unique to BabyBaby, using only water based non toxic inks

Koru Embrace

The Koru Embrace is a natural curve nursing pillow designed with all our body shape's in mind, and because of the unique way the pillow wraps around your waist, it naturally embraces your curves making it an ideal nursing pillow for plus size mum's.

Because of the Koru Embraces flexible design, this pillow is able to be used in all your favorite feeding positions

  • Football hold

  • Cradle feeding

  • Side feeding

  • Laid back breast feeding (Biological Nurturing)

Some key features

  • Suits an array of body shapes and is ideal for plus size mothers

  • One of the best pillow options for mothers who want to have a bit more freedom when it comes to nursing positions.

  • The Koru Embrace is now height adjustable and can be adjusted to accommodate extra large breasts (If needed)

  • Can be used in a average size nursing chair and in bed

Natural Curve

Embraces your body shape and is ideal for plus size nursing

The Koru

Symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace

Multi Purpose

Ideal for nursing, maternity, recovery and relaxing

It's all about choices

When it comes to nursing positions, this design is about as flexible as it gets

Nursing Sleeves

Our Pepi Nursing sleeves are designed to make on the go breastfeeding that little bit easier!

They are designed to slide onto your arm, preventing you from leaning over your baby during nursing and assists with positioning your baby correctly during breastfeeding which helps reduce reflux.

Each Pepi Nursing sleeve comes with a cotton bag


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