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BabyBaby - Whimsicorn (NEW)



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These height adjustable pillows are designed to mold around your body distributing your babies weight evenly across them, whilst insuring your baby remains level to your breast, enabling you to sit upright and reduce back pain and neck strain. 

BABYBABY has been designed using polystyrene beans as the main choice of fill, this hypoallergenic reusable filling is super light weight and is perfect for keeping your baby in the correct nursing position, but we know everyone has there own "fill crush" so we have some more options for you.

Option 1: Filled and ready to go

Option 2: Fill your own kit - with either a bean liner or soft fill liner (Find out more about this option here)

Is this the right pillow for me?

  • The BABYBABY will suit most new or expectant mums, and is ideal for mothers who have found previous nursing supports lacking in height and firmness, however if you are very petite it could feel slightly bulky but remember you can remove the fill which will help with that, if you are a mum with curvaceous curves then the Koru Embrace range is perfect for you.
  • Our nursing pillows are designed to distribute your babies weight evenly across the pillow removing the pressure from your incision site after a c-section. This will aid your recovery. 
  • This special design and large surface area allows you to not only nurse one beautiful baby, but two.
  • You have have full control over the height of this pillow; you can add or remove the filling
  • Brilliant for contact napping and using to help prop up a baby to prevent reflux, colic and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • 100% durable cotton cover can be machined washed.

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