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A nursing pillow is without doubt the best decision to help you through your nursing journey!

Our BABYBABY is a very unique "U" shaped nursing pillow which is designed to support mothers who are either breast or bottle feeding, recovering from c-sections or are looking for a pillow that can be used longer than others on the market.

These pillows are completely height adjustable and are designed to mold around your body, they distribute your babies weight evenly across them while insuring they remain level to your breast, this eliminates the need for you to lean over them which truth be said is the main cause
of back problems for mothers. 

This style of pillow will suit most new or expecting mums and are second to none for any one with abit of height on them, however if your a mum with curvaceous curves then the Koru Embrace range is the one for you.

C- Sections

If you are having or have had a c-section then more than likely your midwife, nurse or a friend has told you a nursing pillow will help with recovery, our nursing pillows are designed to distribute your babies weight evenly across the pillow removing the pressure from your incision


This special design and large surface area allows you to not only nurse one beautiful baby, but two.

Height Adjustable

This amazing nursing pillow is filled with New Zealand made polystyrene beans, these beans can be removed and added when needed, giving you FULL CONTROL over the comfort and height of the pillow.

Large surface area

Because the BABYBABY is designed with a larger surface area the pillow it's self can be used to nurse babies for a much longer period than others on the market, and brilliant for contact napping and can be used to help prop up a baby and prevent reflux, colic and other
gastrointestinal problems

Removable Cover

The cover is made from 100% durable cotton and can be spot cleaned or removed for machine washing, replacement covers are also available for alternating during washing.

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