BabyBaby Padded Mat - Great for tummy time

BabyBaby Padded Mat - Great for tummy time

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One mat, so many uses!

Our BabyBaby padded mat has so many uses.

Handcrafted using 100% durable cotton fabrics and filled with a 2" thick plush 100% polyester batting, It is perfect for babies having tummy time, learning to sit or just relaxing, it's also brilliant for toddlers and young kids wanted something soft to play on.

The top of the mat features a playful soft cotton canvas design while the bottom has been covered with an durable canvas to stand up to being used on most surfaces.

Overall size  38" x 38"

Waterproof clip on covers will be available shortly to protect your mat against nappy free time!

A little bit about tummy time

Tummy time is the time your baby spends supervised on their stomach.  This time is to help them develop strong head, neck and shoulder muscles and promote certain motor skills.  Tummy time in the beginning, is more about playing with your baby while they are on their tummy, two to three times a day for about three to five minutes each time. As they get stronger, and start to enjoy it more you would gradually increase the length of time they spend on their tummy.

Later on once they can hold their head up you could introduce a different perspective and place them on their BabyBaby feeding pillow with something they enjoy to look at or touch in front of them, to encourage them to develop there motor skills further.