Our Pillows

 The Babybaby feeding pillow has been a favourite among breastfeeding Mums around the world since its inception 14 years ago. Its unique 'U' shape ensures the pillow moulds to baby and Mum easily, comfortably and correctly.

Filled with Polystyrene beans which are encased in their own inner means you control the height and comfort of the pillow depending on your needs and that of your baby.

The outer case is machine washable and made from 100% cotton, and a drill gusset band

Although primarily designed to assist with breast feeding, our Babybaby feeding pillows have multiple uses:

  • Great for breast feeding and establishing correct feeding position for Mother and Baby.
  • Supports Mothers back during feeding helping to prevent future back problems
  • A ‘must have’ for feedings twins simultaneously
  • Supports the backs of people holding baby – great for partners and children
  • Supports baby while she is learning to sit
  • Back support for bed ridden adults
  • Excellent support for elderly people to support back, or as a frontal arm support for reading or holding a mug of tea
  • Supportive aid for anyone whilst reading, doing neddlework, crosswords etc
  • Fabulous for maintaining posture whilst snuggling on the couch watching telly!