Pass On Your Period

For every pillow purchased we will donate $20 worth of sanitary products to "Pass On Your Period" 

As a female finding out that we have period poverty in New Zealand was truly upsetting, period poverty is when women (of any age) are unfairly disadvantaged because they cannot afford sanitary items, this period poverty is affecting are young girls who are missing out on school because they don't have the necessities that they need. 

Franny McInnes, the Director of Cambridge-based online maternity store Breatmates is on a mission and we are 100% behind her, during March she is asking if mums to be can get behind her campaign "Pass on your period" which has been set up so that sanitary products women aren’t using during the nine months of pregnancy, can be donated to Kiwi girls in need, Franny say's " it's a small gesture that will have a big impact – not only will our girls have access to the supplies they need, it will also enable them to attend school during their periods with dignity and confidence.” and we agree!

Send your unopened packs of disposable sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups from 8 to 31 March to: Pass On Your Period, c/- Breastmates, PO Box 830, Cambridge 3450.

To find out more watch visit to watch Franny's video on period poverty in New Zealand