About Us


Hi there and welcome to Babybaby, home of New Zealand's premier breast feeding pillow......


Babybaby breast feeding pillows were born in 2002 by a busy lady who was a beauty therapist by day, frazzled Mum/feeding machine/lullaby singer/organiser of the household by night.

She found that after working all day (particularly when doing electrolysis which required close, detailed work leaning over her bed), to come home and hold baby to breast feed was simply adding more pain and stress to her already tight shoulders - the last thing anyone needs when feeling exhausted. The feeding pillows that were for sale on the market at the time just didn't measure up in terms of height, comfort and support so BOOM......an idea was born!

Since then Babybaby has been going strong, supporting women worldwide for over 14 years.

Looking after your health is one of the most important things you can do as a Mother. Having tight shoulders plus back and neck pain zaps energy which could be better focused on baby. Let's face it.....babies are really rather heavy so why not use a Babybaby breast feeding pillow to help take some of the strain?

And if (like some) you like to work out the financial implications of a purchase, take this into consideration:

Feeding pillow $99, divided by 365 days = $0.27 cents per day. Let's divide this further into an average number of feeds (say 4 feeds per day) = $0.067. Yip that's 7 cents per feed for a comfortable, supported posture ....it's a no brainer really!