Pillow Selector

If your looking for a nursing pillow for yourself or someone you know then you have come to the right place. 

Below is abit of information on each pillow to help you with your decision


  • The BabyBaby "U" shaped nursing pillow is great for mums who are an average body size, and it is outstanding for tall mums, if you are under 160cm's you will need to purchase this pillow in a petite size (this means the overall pillow height has been reduced).  The BabyBaby can be used for nursing one or two babies, so for mums expecting twins this is a good option, you can use this pillow to nurse your twins simultaneously.


  • The Koru Embrace nursing pillow has been designed with all our shape's in mind, so mums if your petite, plus size or any size in between and you want a pillow that is truley flexable in how it is used then this pillow is the one for you, the Koru Embrace is designed to wrap around your body and embrace your natural curves, it can even be used during your pregnancy as the support you need while you sleep or just rest.


  • For mums who want to be able to nurse more easily out and about then the nursing sleeve range is a must have, all the sleeves are designed to help you keep your baby at eye level with your breast which isn't always an easy task when your sitting in a cafe, playground or in the car in a carpark.


As you can see all the nursing pillows have advantages, it's just up to you to decide on which one suits you better, but there is one thing I can say, no matter which pillow you choose you wont regret it and your baby and back will thank you!