Picture of two nursing pillows with different types of text around it

The BabyBaby is a unique "U" shaped nursing pillow designed with a few magical tricks up it's sleeve...

This special pillow can be used to nurse not only one beautiful baby, but it can be used to nurse two! Now that's got to be worth an applause.

It's next trick is the height and comfort of the BabyBaby, this amazing nursing pillow is filled with New Zealand made polystyrene beans, these beans can be removed and added when needed, giving you FULL CONTROL over the comfort and height of the pillow.

These pillows suit most mums and are second to none for any mums with abit of height on them, however if your a mum under 160cm's you might need to go for the petite version, and if you are a mum with curvaceous curves the the Koru Embrace range is the one for you.