Goddess Breastfeeding Pillows

The Goddess Range of breastfeeding pillows is made from 100% Pure Linen

Tell me about the fabric

Linen is a 100% natural, sustainable and fully biodegradable fabric (as long as it is not colour treated) it has it’s own antibacterial properties and is highly breathable perfect for winter and summer, Linen is known as one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, and it is luxuriously soft.

Tell me about the pillow

The Goddess pillow is made using our signature "U" shape design allows the pillow to mould to you and your baby, the height of the pillow keeps them in the correct position and reduces back strain by keeping you in a comfortable upright position.
The large surface area of the pillow distributes your babies body weight evenly allowing you to feed them for longer lengths of time, this is such an amazing nursing aid.

Another purpose of the unique "U" shape is to enable you to nurse in multiple positions, you can easily change your baby from cradle hold to football hold by pulling the pillow around so that the "U" is sitting over your hip, which allows your baby to use the full length of the pillow without
having to lift them.

Some key features

  • Suits average height mothers and is second to none if you are taller than the rest
  • One of the best pillow options for mothers who are expecting or recovering from Cesareans.
  • Larger surface size than other pillows on the market, meaning you will be able to feed your baby for a much longer than the other smaller feeding supports will allow.
  • Designed to be used as a twin feeding pillow as well, giving you the support you need without the bulk.
  • This nursing pillow will suit most mothers with an average body size but could be slightly too bulky if you have a petite frame or are a little shorter than most.

If you are hoping to breastfeed using a purpose brought chair or if your a mum with curvaceous curves then the Koru Embrace range is possibly the one for you.


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