Diminish the Strain

Diminish the Strain

As a Physiotherapist I spend a great deal of time talking about correct positioning and posture to treat and prevent stress and strain on joints and soft tissues. Breast feeding is one such time that requires good positioning for both mother and baby. Women often spend a great deal of time sitting to breast feed and good posture is important to prevent neck, shoulder and arm pain and strain. A breast feeding pillow is a great way to help support your baby and help diminish the load on your upper body. 

On a personal level I loved my breast feeding pillow. It was for me one of the essential items that went everywhere and allowed me to feed comfortably and conveniently anywhere, any time.  It helped me prevent problems associated with bad posture and helped me enjoy the positive experience of breast feeding with both my babies.

Leanne Wait 

Pelvic Health, Continence & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist