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Where to start?.. I'm Stephanie the owner of BabyBaby, I'm a wife, a mum, a designer, sewer and textile artist.. with a mind that is always on the go, which is great for you, because my aim is to take those ideas and turn them into truly unique and useful products, that I know you'll just love.

BabyBaby is dedicated to normalizing nursing, because guess what? NURSING RULES, feeding our babies is not something that we shouldn't have to hide, it's something that we should be allowed to feel comfortable in embracing! And our range fully supports that, our pillows are designed to support all mum's, tall mum's, short mum's, small mum's and curvy mum's with nursing at home or on the go..

Recently I was inspired to develop and add a kids range called "kids rule".   All the products in this range have received a tick of approval from my own children, who have helped me in their own way to create some really cool pieces that I know your little ones will love too.